Why Use KH


We are often asked

“Why should we choose Kathryn Hall Real Estate?”

“What is YOUR difference?”

These two questions are the hardest to answer because we obviously want to win you business. It would be easy to say “that we are the best!” or “that we sell more houses than any other agent “or “we do it better!”

We are not a big agency.

That was a decision I made because it is not the agency, the brand or the size or the colour. It is the people – the person who you are working with.

Ultimately it is the relationship you form with that person which I believe is paramount

I can not think of any other way of choosing an agent than finding that person who I can communicate with, trust that I will be able to receive guidance , experience, advice and be given choices. Also that the agent and I are working as a team for the best possible outcomes.

I sometimes think that “Our Difference” is we are who we are.

We shine because we are determined to have a good name in the real estate industry.

It is important to us that we endeavour once the business is complete, you become part of our business family.

What we offer at Kathryn Hall Real Estate is diverse and covers the whole range of property

needs. We do this with an intensity and a commitment that comes with truly enjoying what we

Becoming part of the KH family you’ll benefit from great passion and a skill set that will help you get the result your after.

  • Depth of knowledge of the complete  Sydney Real Estate Market
  • Over 35 years of industry experience
  • Multi award winning agent
  • A diverse and experienced group of like minded people
  • An agency that offers “full service”, a complete approach to Real Estate from selling, purchasing, renting,  maintenance team and project management.
  • International and Australia wide affiliations and network

Come join the KH family and lets work together to achieve great results for you.