Yuko Nakao

Marketing and Japanese Real Estate Specialist

A little about me

What is important to me: My family; my two boys and my husband. Integrity and honesty. I don’t want to live in the world where those qualities are not valued.

What are my strengths: I have a strong background in marketing, PR, publishing as well as advertising and event management. I am passionate. I see an opportunity and I dive in it. Just as I decided to come to Australia at the age of 17 when I didn’t know a soul or barely spoke English.

My experience: I am your best help and most sympathetic person when it comes to moving houses. I have been back and forth between Australia and Japan and I have moved 13 times in my life so far; lived in 10 different places in Australia and 4 in Japan. My first encounter with the world of real estate was through my husband’s landscaping business.

Likes & Passions: Love all kinds of food; Cooking and Eating out, Design; Graphic and Interior, Foreign Language Films, Sports; Tennis and Beach Volleyball, Australian lifestyle, Japanese Traditional Culture and Crafts.








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