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  • お客様とご家族の生活スタイルに合った物件(と環境)探しとそれに伴う調査
  • お引越し前の物件のチェック
  • お子様の学校探しのお手伝い
  • お子様の学校入学時のサポート
  • 賃貸に発生する諸書類の交渉や補助
  • 電気、ガス、水道などの接続に関する手続き
  • お客様が必要とされる法的な手続きに関する補助
  • その他、諸事情に伴った必要書類の作成
  • 物件の入退居時に発生するリポートの作成
  • 家具、電化製品などのレンタルの手配
  • 専門家によるインテリアに関するスタイリングの手配
  • 空港への送迎
  • 家具搬入などの手配
  • アフターケアサービス
  • 周辺近隣地域、コミュニティに慣れるための補助
  • 物件への事前ご案内。現地文化に慣れるためのサポート
  • 現地到着後の第1日目の宿泊施設のご紹介と予約
  • 入居時の日常生活に必要な雑貨、食品などの取り揃えなどの手配、お手伝い
  • 物件へのお引越し前の準備のサポート
  • 短期間の滞在、宿泊施設のご紹介と手配



  • 車のリースのサポート
  • 物件の購入とそれに関する手続き
  • インターネット、電話などの接続に関する手続き
  • 各業者(電気修理、配管工、家屋の修理など)の手配
  • 物件の即入居可能な状態へのフルセットアップ
  • 賃貸更新時のサポート
  • 翻訳、通訳の代行
  • 定期的な物件のメインテナンス
  • ハウスクリーニングのお手配
  • 必要なリネン類(シーツ、テーブルクロスなど)のお手配
  • 銀行口座開設の補助
  • 健康保険に関するサポート
  • 各種保険に関するサポート
  • セキュリティに関するサポート
  • その他諸事情に伴う交渉、立会い業務


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Yuko Nakao

Email: jp@kathrynhallrealestate.com.au


We take the worry and stress out of moving to Australia. With our  experienced Japanese Real Estate specialist, Kathryn Hall Real Estate can offer you a specialised  and caring Agent who will take care of all your needs the moment you land at Sydney Airport.

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  • Renting/leasing a home and Relocation Services
  • Buying Real Estate in Sydney
  • Purchasing investment  property
  • Assistance in all renting with ongoing support
  • Arrange furniture purchase and settling in support


When renting a home in Sydney Australia you will be required to do the following:

  • Pay rent fortnightly or monthly
  • Pay a bond equal to 4 weeks rent ( a government regulation)
  • Pay for your electricity and water usage
  • Sign a legal document know as a “Residential Lease”  which allows you to rent for a period of time.
  • Renting can range from 3 months/ 6 months/12 months to 2 years
  • Most properties are unfurnished some properties are available with furniture
  • Be responsible for the cleaning of the home and garden and in some cases pool/tennis court maintenance
  • Repair any damage  you may cause
  • Some properties allow pets but not all
  • Advise the landlord or agent of any problems with the property
  • There are strict government regulations which are there to give you freedom, enjoyment security and privacy  in  your leasing situation.
  • There will be an “ingoing report” which we can assist you with and  outgoing report all documented to insure that you will have a smooth and well documented process


Australia has strict regulations for foreigners purchasing real estate in Australia. We at Kathryn Hall Real Estate have knowledge, experience and expertise to  assist you in finding the right property for your needs and help you through the process of buying property

Criteria for Buying:

  • Visa  / work visa and or residency
  • Approval from Foreign Review Board. A Australian federal government department
  • Suitable properties as described and dictated by the Australian Government

The Cost of Buying Property In Australia and Sydney, New South Wales

  • Purchase price of the property
  • Stamp Duty – State Government regulation
  • Solicitor to process the legal documents
  • Obtaining a building inspection
  • Obtaining a pest inspection
  • Deposit of 10% of the purchase price
  • The deposit is usually held in the Real Estate Agents Trust account until the sale completion
  • Preparation of a annual tax report
  • Local government council services including water and service facility rates – this is  tax deduction on investment  properties
  • State Government Land tax – a tax deduction of investment properties

Advantages in Buying Property in Australia

  • No Inheritance tax
  • Australia is a country full of aspiring home owners
  • Sydney, Australia have good yielding rental returns
  • There is a ongoing demand and shortage of rental accommodation which means good opportunities and high demand
  • Australia has a stable economy
  • Australia has a stable, healthy political environment and a fair  and accountable government
  • Excellent health facilities both public and private
  • Excellent universities and schools- including a number of international schools including Japanese schools
  • A good climate
  • A diverse and multicultural  demographic  population
  • Diverse religions and freedom of speech.
  • A range of opportunities from cultural, social, employment and education
  • Australia is a stable land continent that is not part of the of the pacific earthquake rim
  • Time difference from Japan is minimal.
  • Flights to Australia are approximately 8 hours